Re: d-link dfe-530 tx (bug-report)

From: Jonathan Morton (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 16:15:17 EST

I just installed Urban's most recent patch, and I still get much the same
problems when I reboot from Windows. The main difference appears to be
that there's a few seconds' pause during the via-rhine driver
initialisation (presumably while it tries to find PHY devices), and there
aren't quite so many "transmit timed out" messages in the system log after
booting. They do still appear though, and the network is not accessible.
This happens when I reboot from Windows, and when I subsequently soft-power
the machine and turn it back on. If also happens if I soft-power the
machine from Windows and switch on straight into Linux.

In short, the card still needs a hard power-off for Linux to get it working
after Windows.

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