Re: OOPSes and BUGs everywhere (2.4.0)

From: Nathan Walp (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 09:05:19 EST

Nathan Walp wrote:

> I'm gonna type fast and send this as soon as possible, cuz I'm not sure
> how long i'll be able to stay up. I'm OOPSing and BUGging (is that a
> word?) like crazy, and I can't figure it out. I thought it was the BIOS
> upgrade I did, but downgrading didn't do anything. System is 1.1GHz
> Tbird on Asus A7V, mixed SCSI and IDE. I hope to post a follow-up w/
> more info shortly, but here's the bulk of the info.
> Nathan

Don't worry about these oopses and bugs...MAJOR hardware issues, I think i have a faulty chip. segfaults on clean deb potato system. windows WAS stable, till I started actually using the CPU, then
BSOD all over the place. I guess it's time to see how good that warranty really is ;-) Sorry for all the trouble.


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