RE: Motherboard Misdetect

From: Steve 'Denali' McKnelly (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 21:25:11 EST

Howdy Alan,

        I won't disagree with what you and David are saying. I
        took a look at the picture of the 6KD, and they're similar.
        Main difference is missing SCSI connectors and an extra long
        PCI slot (on the 6KD).



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> I own a M-Technology M-668DS motherboard. Linux 2.4.1
> identifies my board as a Soyo SY-6KD. They're not really
> the same board, and they each have features the other doesn't

We read the data from the BIOS. Its actually only scanned to match against
known system bugs so won't be a problem. It sounds like they are using the
same bios image on a set of boards and didnt bother to fix the name.

It may well also be they are the same board minus a few components.

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