RE: [BUG] 2.4.1 Detects 64 MB RAM, actual 192MB

From: Ricky Beam (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 20:53:18 EST

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Ricky Beam wrote:
>Interesting... I just checked my machine (2.4.1-SMP) to see it only saw
>64MB when it has 256MB.
>Nothing at all has changed in either the BIOS setup, compiler, etc. All I
>did was reboot (and not pay it any attention.) The configuration was the
>same (make oldconfig.)

Dammit. Ok, all better now. I guess that fruit fly managed to get into
more than just the slot-1 connector. We can thank Tyan and AMI for not
checking the contents of ESCD nor giving me a way to reset it without
nuking CMOS.

(It would appear ACPI, when re-enabled, powered the RAID controller down.
 That makes it Really Hard (tm) to boot.)


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