Re: VIA silent disk corruption - likely fix

From: Rogerio Brito (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 19:23:57 EST

On Feb 05 2001, Udo A. Steinberg wrote:
> Peter Horton wrote:
> > I've found the cause of silent disk corruption on my A7V motherboard,
> > and it might affect all boards with the same North bridge (KT133 etc).
> Do you have a small test program to illustrate that bug? I have an A7V
> with PCI Master Read Caching enabled and haven't seen any corruption so
> far (which doesn't necessarily mean much). Or if you don't have a test
> program, how did you identify it's caching too much?
> Also, are you using a Thunderbird or a Duron?

        Just an extra data point here.

        I have an A7V here also and I haven't seen anything wrong with
        my setup (but I'm using 2.2.18 + the IDE patches). Perhaps,
        I'm not hitting the bad cases or I'm not stressing the system
        enough. I'm using a Quantum lct15 drive here with UDMA/66
        here. I have a Duron 600MHz and I remember that when I was
        setting the machine (after I bought it), I left everything in
        the default settings (so, the PCI Master Read Caching is

> I'm using the 1003 Bios, which has proven to be the most stable so far.
> Which one do you use?

        I also use 1003, but I have not tried anything else (for fear
        of something going wrong when I'm upgrading -- like a power
        outage). :-)

        []s, Roger...

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