Re: Slowing down CDROM drives (was: Re: ATAPI CDRW which doesn't work)

From: Rogerio Brito (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 19:01:09 EST

On Feb 05 2001, Jens Axboe wrote:
> ioctl(cd_fd, CDROM_SELECT_SPEED, speed);

        I'd like to thank everybody that replied either on the list
        and privately. I didn't know that I could just use the /proc
        entries to change the IDE driver speed with a simple:

        echo current_speed:4 > /proc/ide/hdc/settings

        (Thanks Mark for this).

        I'd also like to thank Andries about the tip on the mount
        option. I didn't find anything in the util-linux (mount)
        manpage before I asked (I'm using Debian potato's util-linux

        The option that I chose was to cook a little proggie to call
        the ioctl to set the speed. This is the most flexible solution
        (as it doesn't involve messing with fstab or being root to
        pass the mount option to mount). Thanks, Jens!

        Thank you all very, very much for the amazing (and fast) help!

        []s, Roger...

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