Re: [Kiobuf-io-devel] RFC: Kernel mechanism: Compound event wait /notify + callback chains

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 18:06:48 EST

> do you then tell the application _above_ raid0 if one of the
> underlying IOs succeeds and the other fails halfway through?

        u32 flags; /* because everything needs flags */
        struct io_completion *completions;
        kiovec_t sglist[0];
} thingy;

now kmalloc one object of the header the sglist of the right size and the
completion list. Shove the completion list on the end of it as another
array of objects and what is the problem.

> In other words, even if we expand the kiobuf into a sg vector list,
> when it comes to merging requests in ll_rw_blk.c we still need to
> track the callbacks on each independent source kiobufs.

But that can be two arrays

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