[PATCH] 2.4.1-ac3 CONFIG_INPUT documentation in Configure.help

From: Steven Cole (elenstev@mesatop.com)
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 15:50:55 EST

Here is a patch which adds documentation for CONFIG_INPUT to Configure.help.

Now, only 496 undocumented config options in the 2.4.1-ac3 tree left to go,
out of a total of 1982, of which 40 are apparently unused.

This patch applies to 2.4.1-ac3.


--- linux/Documentation/Configure.help.orig Mon Feb 5 12:07:46 2001
+++ linux/Documentation/Configure.help Mon Feb 5 13:27:13 2001
@@ -10560,6 +10560,16 @@
   If unsure, say Y.
+Input core support
+ Say Y here if you want to enable any of the following options for
+ USB Human Interface Device (HID) support.
+ Say Y here if you want to enable any of the USB HID options in the
+ USB support section which require Input core support.
+ Otherwise, say N.
 Keyboard support
   Say Y here if you want your USB HID keyboard (or an ADB keyboard
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