Re: 2.4.{1,2pre1} oops in via82cxxx_audio (?)

From: Matthew Harrell (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 11:02:07 EST

: I'm not positive that's what's causing the oops but it seems to happen only
: when I load the sound driver and when esd starts to send a noise to the device.
: The oops and config are attached below. Let me know if it's funny looking -
: I typed it in by hand after it killed the machine but it's easily reproducable.
: Also, while it doesn't seem to be deterministic it happens over 90% of the time

Just realized that some of those symbols were defined in the via82cxxx_audio
module and I needed to load it to get them recognized. As long as I don't
play any sounds the module will load fine so here is the new and improved
ksymoops output

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