Re: [reiserfs-list] ReiserFS Oops (2.4.1, deterministic, symlink

From: Hans Reiser (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 07:33:20 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> > > I was thinking boot time.
> > and if reiserfs is the root partition? You really want to make them reboot to
> > the old kernel and recompile rather than making them just recompile?
> I want to make sure they get a sane clear message telling them where to
> find the correct compiler and that they didnt read the docs
> > Stop trying to blame something other than the compiler, it is ridiculous.
> WTF does it have to dow with blaming something other than the compiler ?
> Its going to print something like
> Linux 2.4.2-ac3 blah blah
> Error: This kernel was built with a buggy gcc. Please go to
> http://.... and upgrade

Sorry, thought you were going to make it only reiserfs disabling, ok, if we do
both this and make the compile fail, that is pretty thorough, effective, useful,

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