Re: [PATCH] devfsd, compiling on glibc22x

From: Richard Gooch (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 02:01:29 EST

Ulrich Drepper writes:
> Richard Gooch <> writes:
> > So why do old binaries (compiled with glibc 2.1.3) segfault when they
> > call dlsym() with RTLD_NEXT? Even newly compiled binaries (with glibc
> > 2.2) still segfault.
> What do you ask me? You wrote the code.

But you wrote dlsym(), right I have a debug trace from someone which
shows that the call to dlsym() segfaults. It's being called thusly:
        dlsym (RTLD_NEXT, "symlink");

This doesn't fail with libc 5 nor with glibc 2.1.3. But it does with
glibc 2.2.


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