RE: system call sched_yield() doesn't work on Linux 2.2

From: Matt (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 00:29:03 EST

        to expect perfect alternation is not reasonable. the scheduler
(or one of its subsidiary and/or supporting functions) decides what
should run and what shouldn't. the linux scheduler did have problems
in 2.2 (and still does in some places). however last i checked
sched_yield() is at best a hint to the scheduler not a command. the
man page even suggests this. it says that if the process (or thread)
yields and if it is the highest priority task at the time it will be
re-run. so you can not guarantee that it will not re-run. this i think
was the point david was trying to make (albiet with some possibly
misplaced "fervour").

        however i did notice one small change wrt to SCHED_YIELD
semantics from 2.2.18 and 2.4.1-ac1 (one would assume that this change
happened during the schedule() re-writes during 2.3.x).

xref line 119 of kernel/sched.c in 2.2.18


xref line 148 of kernel/sched.c in 2.4.1-ac1

in this case you will see that in 2.2.18 a SCHED_YIELD process will
get a "goodness" value of 0, however in 2.4.1-ac1 you will find that
it gets a value of -1 (and hence a lower scheduling priority). i dont
have a machine handy that is running 2.2.18 that i can patch and
reboot, how ever you may wish to change the return value on line 119
of kernel/sched.c in 2.2.18 to -1 and you may find that it might give
the behaviour you are looking for. it may also cause other
problems. caveat emptor and all that..


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