Re: [OT] Major Clock Drift

From: Michael B. Trausch (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 20:18:18 EST

On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Tom Eastep wrote:

> Thus spoke Michael B. Trausch:
> > On Sat, 3 Feb 2001, Josh Myer wrote:
> >
> > > Hello all,
> > >
> > > I know this _really_ isn't the forum for this, but a friend of mine has
> > > noticed major, persistent clock drift over time. After several weeks, the
> > > clock is several minutes slow (always slow). Any thoughts on the
> > > cause? (Google didn't show up anything worthwhile in the first couple of
> > > pages, so i gave up).
> > >
> >
> > I'm having the same problem here. AMD K6-II, 450 MHz, VIA Chipset, Kernel
> > 2.4.1.
> >
> The video on this system is an onboard ATI 3D Rage LT Pro; I use vesafb
> rather than atyfb because the latter screws up X.

I'm not using any framebuffer on my machine (I have an ATI 3D Rage 128
Pro, myself). I use the standard 80x50 console, and X when I need
it. I'm about to put Debian on the system and see how that works and if I
like it, I just got the .ISO of disc 1 downloaded (after about a week) and
now it's burning. (I hate having a 33.6 connection!)

However the clock drift didn't happen as much, if at all, with 2.2.xx
kernels. It's kept itself pretty well sane. But now I'm losing something
on the order of a half hour a week - that didn't happen before.

        - Mike

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