Re: AW: ATAPI CDRW which doesn't work -> devfs problems

From: Douglas Gilbert (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 15:19:01 EST

Friedrich Lindenberg wrote:
> I was trying to burn cds under linux-2.4.1 with
> devFS enabled. But x-cd-roast (and also cdrecord)
> do not find any scsi drives. I guess they have been
> renamed or something like that, I cannot find them
> in /dev, nor anywhere in /dev/scsi ...

xcdroast expects to find a whole swag of sg device
filenames (/dev/sg[0-16], /dev/sg[a-q]) and scsi
cdrom names (/dev/sr[0-15]) when it starts. The
xcdroast tarball comes with a script to
create them. If they are not all there it seems to
get upset.

This is not very devfs friendly since its policy
is only to show /dev entries for devices that you
actually have connected and that a driver is

So the hack solution is to edit out of
those file names that you actually have then execute
it. IMO this is not a devfs problem, xcdroast needs an
improved device scanning algorithm.

BTW the /dev/sga,b,c style of sg device names are
deprecated in favour of the numeric style.

Doug Gilbert

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