Re: [OT] Major Clock Drift

From: Manfred Bartz (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 23:42:23 EST

Josh Myer <> writes:

> I know this _really_ isn't the forum for this, but a friend of mine has
> noticed major, persistent clock drift over time. After several weeks, the
> clock is several minutes slow (always slow). Any thoughts on the
> cause? (Google didn't show up anything worthwhile in the first couple of
> pages, so i gave up).
> I assume it doens't matter what the mains frequency is (since we're
> pulling from a crystal for this anyway). I think i'd heard mention of
> problems with other interrupts interrupting the timer often enough that
> the time got slowed down, but really?
> It's a relatively new Athlon, not sure of the mobo model. If it is a
> hardware problem, i'll find out the model, since that would strike me as
> an errata =)

Try <>

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