Re: "kaweth" usb ethernet driver in 2.4?

From: Michael Rothwell (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 01:32:34 EST

On 03 Feb 2001 14:22:02 -0600, Eric Sandeen wrote:

> The driver is included with the USB stuff for 2.2, but not in 2.4.

That's because we stopped fooling with 2.4 around the middle of the
pre-test-ac series of releases. We'll probably pick it back up around
2.4.7 or so.

> It also doesn't seem to work in 2.2. :) The original development of
> this driver was going on at but there
> have been no updates for quite some time.

Well, it doesn't work you _you_ on 2.2, obviously. But it works for us
and other people. Can you provide any information to diagnose the
problem you're having?

And, truthfully, you'd be better off tossing it in the trash and buying
a better product. It's VERY lossy with packets and slow. And it's not
just our driver; it's the device itself. It sucks on Windows as well. :)

However, if you post some info about your experience with it, perhaps we
can get it working for you. But not on 2.4 for awhile.


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