Re: Fix dependencies for radio-miropcm20

From: Robert Siemer (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 21:31:25 EST

Hi Jocelyn!

You wrote:

> I made a very little patch to avoid
> people complaining that the kernel doesn't compile
> properly when trying to use radio miropcm20 driver.
> (I've seen some of this in french newsgroups...)

> -dep_tristate ' Miro PCM20 Radio' CONFIG_RADIO_MIROPCM20
> +dep_tristate ' Miro PCM20 Radio' CONFIG_RADIO_MIROPCM20

This was already discussed some days ago. Arjan said, that the
miropcm20 question comes before the aci question, so this is
useless. - Arjan, this is not true for 'make menuconfig' and 'make
xconfig', isn't it?

Anyway, this solution looks somewhat cleaner to me...
But you can choose on your own: (:
As the new maintainer I'm offering the patches on

Jocelyn, as my patches also include bugfixes and enhancements
(especially for the miroSOUND pcm20 radio), can you recommend these to
the complaining people. - I want more testers and reports for my

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