Re: DFE-530TX with no mac address

From: Jonathan Morton (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 13:13:25 EST

>You can always try writing all the registers with "good" values.

No good - nothing actually changes except 16 bits at 0x6C, and that doesn't
change to anything useful.

>> Is there a reset 'thing' for thses chips, that sets them back to
>> factory tests (like switching them off)?
>> So.....How do I go about playing this game?
>You find the reset "thing". Maybe there is better documentation somewhere.
>Maybe your bios allows you to reset something on reboots.
>The pdf document has a few things that you can play with, SRST, INIT,

Already played with those, to no avail.

I think the PDF is talking about a different revision of the chip to ours -
I'm seeing some bits set which are marked "reserved" in the PDF, and some
reserved bits are clear.

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