Re: ATAPI CD burner with cdrecord > 1.6.1

From: Jocelyn Mayer (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 11:55:25 EST

> Kernel version is 2.4.1. For versions of cdrecord later than 1.6.1
> (1.8.1 through the latest 1.10 alpha verified), attempting to burn a
> CD results in a SCSI error of some kind. Here's some representative
> output from a "dummy" burn session with cdrecord-1.9:

> As I recall, things work just fine with a real SCSI CD burner, so I
> think this behavior is limited to the ide-scsi flavor of things. If
> anyone has a clue as to what's really happening here, a fix or workaround
> would be appreciated. In the meantime, I'll continue to use the older
> software (xcdroast-0.96e with cdrecord-1.6.1). Thanks!

Maybe I'm not a lucky guy,
but I just got the same trouble with a real SCSI burner...
This one is a Yamaha 8416,
attached to a Tekram UW controleur.
The error I got is exactly the same.
I got this since kernel version 2.4.0-test12, I think.

Jocelyn Mayer
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