Re: DFE-530TX with no mac address

From: Jonathan Morton (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 09:59:08 EST

>The attached patch for the via-daig program plays with a few registers.
>Run it as 'via-diag -aaeemm -I' then do a 'ifconfig eth0 down; ifconfig
>eth0 up' and see if anything happens.

OK, after a little trouble applying the patch, here's what I found:

Starting with the card in working condition, I tried "via-diag -aaeemm -I"
and there was no change in functionality. Running the ifconfig toggle also
had no overall effect. Then I tried "via-diag -aaeemm -i" (running a
pinger in another console) and noted that the pinger stopped working when
the command was run. However, running "via-diag -aaeemm -I" did not change
that situation. The ifconfig toggle did correctly restart operation.

Examining the system log after the above showed that at some point during
the sequence the kernel emitted a series of "transmit timed out" log-entry
pairs as shown in my last mail. Also, I noticed that while running -i the
receive status was listed as "unicast/hashed multicast" and while running
-I the receive status was "unknown/invalid".

Do you want me to try this again, after first setting the card into
non-working condition?

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