Re: Fix for include/linux/fs.h in 2.4.0 kernels

From: Graham Murray (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 03:48:54 EST

Keith Owens <> writes:

> Basically, that symlink should not be a symlink. It's a symlink for
> historical reasons, none of them very good any more (and haven't been
> for a long time), and it's a disaster unless you want to be a C
> library developer. Which not very many people want to be.
> The fact is, that the header files should match the library you link
> against, not the kernel you run on."

So what is your advice? Would the "correct" action be to take a
snapshot of the appropriate kernel directories against which glibc is
built? (ie to copy the directories (or those files needed) to
/usr/include/asm and /usr/include/linux)

On the other hand, if you are building "system level" tools (eg which
communicate with device drivers directly using IOCTLs) you may need to
use the kernel header files, in which case I suppose you should
include them from the kernel source tree not /usr/include.

In both case, I think the problem is not so much in code which you
write yourself (where you control include paths etc) but in building
3rd party applications which may not have used the "correct" include
paths and therefore will not build "out of the box".
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