[UPDATE] Zerocopy 2.4.1 rev 3

From: David S. Miller (davem@redhat.com)
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 02:22:38 EST

You know where to get it:



1) pskb_expand_tail could corrupt SKB frag lists in some
   cases, leading to OOPS

2) Need to check for out of window data even in the
   partial packet cases of tcp_data_queue

3) Merged in some small net fixes from the AC patches.

As of this moment, I know of no bugs (ie. corrupts data or crashes
kernel) in the zerocopy patches.

Some people have asked me about making a patch against the AC
patches. It is doable, but would be quite a bit of work for me.

If someone would like to do this and put those patches up somewhere,
they can feel free to do so. Just let everyone on linux-kernel
and netdev know about it. Probably, after the next zerocopy patch
revision, I will ask Alan to add the zerocopy stuff to his tree
anyways. Things really look good right now.


David S. Miller
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