Re: Fix for include/linux/fs.h in 2.4.0 kernels

From: Brian May (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 22:03:09 EST

>>>>> "Frédéric" == Frédéric L W Meunier <> writes:

    Frédéric> Keith Owens wrote:
>> Rule 2. Any glibc that has a symlink from
>> /usr/include/{linux,asm} to /usr/src/linux/include/{linux,asm}
>> is wrong.

    Frédéric> Such symlinks are created by the user.

>> Relying on /usr/include/{linux,asm} always pointing at the
>> current kernel source is broken as designed.

    Frédéric> From glibc 2.2.1 FAQ:

    Frédéric> 2.17. I have /usr/include/net and /usr/include/scsi as
    Frédéric> symlinks into my Linux source tree. Is that wrong?

    Frédéric> {PB} This was necessary for libc5, but is not correct
    Frédéric> when using glibc. Including the kernel header files
    Frédéric> directly in user programs usually does not work (see
    Frédéric> question 3.5). glibc provides its own <net/*> and
    Frédéric> <scsi/*> header files to replace them, and you may have
    Frédéric> to remove any symlink that you have in place before you
    Frédéric> install glibc. However, /usr/include/asm and
    Frédéric> /usr/include/linux should remain as they were.

    Frédéric> Keith, are you saying that glibc is wrong?

You both seem to be saying the same thing: that symlinks for
/usr/include/{linux,asm} are wrong.

Why try to argue when you agree?

(Debian does this right; last I heard Red-Hat didn't)

Brian May <>
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