Re: PROBLEM: 2.2.19pre7 opps on low mem machine

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Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 17:39:22 EST

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Subject: PROBLEM: 2.2.19pre7 opps on low mem machine

> [1.] One line summary of the problem:
> Oops with 2.2.19pre7 on memory stressed, old PC.
> [2.] Full description of the problem/report:
> An old 486/66 with 20 Meg memory runs a a firewall at home. Probably runs
> too much for that amount of memory (sendmail, bind, ntpd and FreeSWAN
> but I can't find any more memory modules! I have gotten four or five oops
> the last week or so (in different processes), running 2.2.18. Stepped up
> 2.2.19pre7 and hooked up a serial console two days ago, now I got one
> [4.] Kernel version (from /proc/version):
> Linux version 2.2.19pre7 ( (gcc version 2.95.2
> (release)) #1 Mon Jan 22 11:57:12 CET 2001

OK, following the reiserfs/compiler thread, I can see now that my bug report
may have been ignored since I was using a non-kosher compiler (although I
have used it since late October -99 without any problems). Or, it might not
have been ignored, just nobody told me he/she wasted some time on it. Since
it seems to be hardware related; that oops wasn't the only one, and after
some more strange behaviour, I moved the hard drive to another, almost
identical, PC, with even less memory, 16 MB (but this one I have the chips
to run 48 MB, but I wanted to stress it). And it's been running for a week
now, like a clock.

So, sorry for the false alarm!

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