Re: System unresponsitive when copying HD/HD

From: Doug McNaught (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 15:13:07 EST

Delta <> writes:

> While cp is copying from the second hard disk to the first hard disk,
> I find my system performance
> drop VERY sharply. X is sloppy, even bash takes many seconds to
> respond. I using two
> recent IDE disk (Fudjisu 13 gig, Maxtor 20 Gig), so I'm wondering why
> the system is so slow? My mobo is a FIC SD11 and I have an athlon
> 550 Mhz.

You don't say what kernel you're running. Some versions (2.2.16ish)
have very bad interactive response under I/O load. 2.2.18 is supposed
to be better, or try 2.2.19pre.

Also 'hdparm -u' may help, and turning on DMA if you're not using it.

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