loopback driver hardlocking machine

From: Rob Bos (rbos@wizard.ca)
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 13:27:29 EST

Good day;

I have been having consistent trouble with the last several kernels; all the
test[9-12], 2.4.0 (all patched with reiser) and the 2.4.1 kernel (unpatched)
seem to do this for me. I have devfs enabled as well, but this seems to happen
with or without devfs. I don't believe it happened when I was running 2.2.18.

bug description and reproducability:

On copying to a loopback-mounted Minix filesystem, my machine seems to hardlock;
it happens after the copy, and seems to happen most often when the disk is
being heavily accessed for other purposes before that. The loopback filesystem
has resided on both ext2 and reiser filesystems, with no change in frequency of
crashes. Beyond that it is not reproducible; I have a couple of scripts that
trigger this bug approximately one every five iterations - the machine is
unable to write any more data to disk, unable to flush buffers, and after
approximately thirty seconds, seems to hardlock, not accepting any input from
any location (ICMP/IP, mouse, keyboard).

The scripts that trigger this (makeinitrd.sh and makediskimage.sh, which both
utilize mount-copy-unmount; it freezes right after copying all files) are
attached, if that might help.

I did in fact look through the bug-reporting document and the maintainers list,
but did not find anyone who would be specifically concerned with this bug; I
suppose the VFS maintainer might be interested, but I'm not sure if this is
a loopback thing, a Minix thing, a reiserfs thing, a VFS thing, et al, so here
you go.

I am available at this email address for further information about my

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