Re: 3Com 3c523 in IBM PS/2 9585: Can't load module in kernel 2.4.1

From: Anton Altaparmakov (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 10:24:32 EST

> > > > eth0: memprobe, Can't find memory at 0xc0000!

I get the same memprobe error. Haven't bothered with it for some time as I
had problems getting the IBMMCASCSI recognized in 2.4.x but that seems to
have been fixed now.

>I have patches that I believe fix this, but their own my box at home that I
>can't get do right now. When I get back from LinuxWorld tomorrow I'll pull
>them off and post them.

Can't wait. Once I get this working I should be able to get Linux installed
on this old PS/2 box. Can't remember the model number off hand as I am in
the lab at the moment but it's a 486DX2/50 with 10 (or 12) Mib RAM, a
300Mib SCSI disk or so with 3c523 ethernet card attached to a AUI-RJ45
transceiver and then to a 10Mbit hub (works under DOS) and two graphics
cards (the internal one and an additional XGA/2 IIRC). Should make a nice
MCA test system once I get it networked and can install Linux on it... And
a nice serial console for kernel debugging, for that matter. (-:

>Even if you don't use the card, it's be nice to have another user test it
>out before I submit the patch.

I definitely will use it. You have just found another keen to test the
patch person. (-:


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