Re: spelling of disc (disk) in /devfs

From: mirabilos (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 09:07:12 EST

Oh you English people,

why do you do it so complicated?
We even don't need a kernel locale.

Take the nominations as they are, color/colour,
disk/disc/diskette/floppy, etc.

And if you write by yourself, do it as you spell it.
I'd even write it German if I wasn't used to speak
fully English whilst coding.

And dont bother about names:
 - Namen sind Schall und Rauch. Was zaehlt, ist das, was drin ist.
(for tho who can understand it. the others: sorry, it's a cite.)

Does it _actually_ make a prob to use disc in devfs instead
of the (correct) disk when changing it broke configuration?
We are _not_ M$, we (usually) _dont_ break old systems.
And __colour does only matter when you directly access it.

Really, it's inconsistent, but it happened - so...
You could consider changing it on a two-year solution:
create a hardlink /dev/disks <-> /dev/discs in the KERNEL(!!)
and remove /dev/discs in two years.
Meanwhile everyone reading docu will have upgraded ;-)
(ref. to the 4-week pause before ECN on


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