Fw: VT82C686A corruption with 2.4.x

From: Nicholas Knight (tegeran@home.com)
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 04:36:37 EST

oops, I forgot to send this to linux-kernel as well...

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Subject: Re: VT82C686A corruption with 2.4.x

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> Subject: Re: VT82C686A corruption with 2.4.x
> > Yeah, I'm seriously beginning to think it's a board specific issue. If I
> > drop the RAM count down to 768MB I get far less drops in app deaths
> <....>
> >Right now I've got the full 1GB in there. What I'm seeing now is
> >application deaths, occational X11 lockups, but SUPRIZE! SUPRIZE! no more
> >drive corruptions since I removed the DMA flag from the drives, disabled
> >DMA use in the BIOS and replaced the ATA66 cable with an ATA33.
> (the following is a lot of conjecture and doesn't wholly fit the
> avalible to me on this problem, but maybe it'll help bring about other
> that will lead to a fix for this)
> OK, I haven't had a chance to get 2.4 up and running yet, but yesterday I
> was troubleshooting some lockup issues in Win2k and there was a slim
> that it might have had to do with overheating of the chipset that controls
> the RAM on the machine; but it turned out to be something of a driver
> However this got me thinking more about heat... this *really* is sounding
> more and more like a heat problem to me... esspecialy if it might be board
> specific, since there might be something in the specific designs that
> higher levels of heat.
> I *KNOW* that it seems unlikely since no other OS is exhibiting these
> problems to my knowledge (including linux 2.2.*) but what if? Could there
> something in 2.4 making it more sensitive to errors related to heat? Could
> 2.4 somehow be making the HDD controllers run hotter?
> Prehaps we should start collecting average system tempatures of systems
> display this problem, esspecialy while running 2.4.x both with and without
> DMA enabled.
> <end conjecture spoken by someone without enough information avalible to
> him>
> -NK

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