From: David S. Miller (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 00:46:50 EST

Paul D. Smith writes:
> %% Alan Cox <> writes:
> >> This application uses SO_REUSEADDR in conjunction with INADDR_ANY. What
> >> it does is bind() to INADDR_ANY, then listen(). Then, it proceeds to
> >> bind (but _not_ listen) various other specific addresses.
> ac> That should be ok if its setting SO_REUSEADDR
> I agree, and so does Solaris/FreeBSD, but Linux doesn't.

After reading up some code, FreeBSD does do a bind() check which is
just as restrictive as Linux's except that they allow INADDR_ANY
combinations when the credentials of the user doing the bind() match
the credentials of all other sockets bound to that port.

I don't think we should change our behavior. Allowing the combination
in question only when the UIDs match between the socket owners is
dubious at best.

I actually went to the FreeBSD code because what Steven's showed
was extremely loose in what it let through. It allowed the nfs
port override trick Alan mentioned.

David S. Miller

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