[UPDATE] Zerocopy patch of the day...

From: David S. Miller (davem@redhat.com)
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 00:37:19 EST

In the usual spot:



1) Merge in 3c59x update from Andrew Morton. I hope Andrew won't
   mind if people who see problems due to these changes at least
   CC: him on bug reports? :-)

2) Correct receive buffer space checks during direct user

3) Correct returning of errors in datagram wait_for_packet(),
   cures DoS discovered with AF_UNIX sockets.

And yes, before Mr. Wedgewood asks, the generic fixes (#2 and
#3) will be sent to Linus seperately when he returns from NYC.

I will soon start keeping a real ChangeLog.zerocopy file going at the
same place you get the patches from.

David S. Miller
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