2.4.1 lvm reiserfs adaptec 2940uw noritake alpha

From: Wakko Warner (wakko@animx.eu.org)
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 21:17:49 EST

I have 3 2gb disks in an lvm group (vg is disks)
I have an lv of 1.6gb (misc) with reiserfs mounted /lvm/misc
I cp /dev/zero /lvm/misc

If these 3 drives are on the internal qlogic isp controller, I have no

If these 3 drives are on the adaptec aha-2940UW, I get an oops (reply for
oops as I have to do it again and capture it) and the system locks (in
interrupt handler, not syncing) when the copy completes. I did a timed cp
the first time and it took 3.5 minutes and crashed as soon as I got the
prompt. I'm assuming when the bufferes were flushed to the drives.

When I reboot and copy the file, it works. I don't have any problems
copying files with these drives on either controller.

I have the adaptec card on the primary pci bus if that makes a difference

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