Re: 3Com 3c523 in IBM PS/2 9585: Can't load module in kernel 2.4.1

From: Michael Pacey (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 17:06:24 EST

Alan Cox <> wrote:

> Nobody has fixed this driver for 2.4 yet

I sort of guessed this....
> > eth0: 3c523 adapter found in slot 3
> > eth0: 3Com 3c523 Rev 0xe at 0x1300
> > eth0: memprobe, Can't find memory at 0xc0000!
> > 3c523.c: No 3c523 cards found
> Yep. Most probably it needs munging to use isa_memcpy_fromio and the like
> or ioremap.

Right... OK.... I'll leave that to someone else

> Are you willing to be test victim for fixes ?


I must warn, however, that my testing may only get this detected and not
much else; the card seems to have some problems even in 2.2.17;
particularly, in NFS transfers it keeps saying NFS server not responding
then NFS server OK. The NFS server is fine. I had put this down to a dodgy
co-ax cable (I've run out of external TP transceivers) but I've replaced
cable and terminators, and it is still bad.

I've now got the machine working smoothly with a previously-thought-dead
3c529 (currently 2.2.17, planning to upgrade to 2.4.1 - any probs?)

However, pings in 2.2.17 with the 3c523 work fine with even large packet
size, so I'm not sure what's going on there.

The 3c529 was previously DOA. I cleaned the MCA contacts and wham! it
sprang into life. Perhaps I should try this with the 3c523 :)

So, I don't know if the 3c523 hardware is OK. Therefore my testing might be
of limited use. However, if you think it would help I'd be happy to be a
test bed for patches to 2.4.1. Let me know what to patch. I'm off work for
a week as of tomorrow lunchtime so the timing is pretty good :)

And if you think the NFS problems might be fixable, I'll be pleased to
keep the card out of the bucket.

Michael Pacey
ICQ: 105498469

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