3Com 3c523 in IBM PS/2 9585: Can't load module in kernel 2.4.1

From: Michael Pacey (michael@wd21.co.uk)
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 14:32:50 EST

My first linux bug report :)

As some may have noticed I have been struggling with an MCA machine of the
above type (see subject) for the last couple of days. I installed 2.4.1 to
take advantage of devfs and potentially ReiserFS.

The machine has a 3Com 3c523 Etherlink/MC card installed. It worked under
2.2.17 but I can't load the module in 2.4.1.

When I modprobe 3c523 I get:

eth0: 3c523 adapter found in slot 3
eth0: 3Com 3c523 Rev 0xe at 0x1300
eth0: memprobe, Can't find memory at 0xc0000!
3c523.c: No 3c523 cards found

I also tried changing the 'Pack Buffer RAM Address Range' setting of the
card, in the BIOS, to 0D8000-0DDFFF; I get the same error, but the 'Can't
find memory at ...' error changes to 0xd8000.

cat /proc/mca/slot3 produces a segfault, I think it was Invalid EAP, but
not sure as I am trying to fix the machine now so can't reproduce...

Michael Pacey
ICQ: 105498469

wd21 ltd - world domination in the 21st century

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