problem with devfsd compilation

Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 13:37:59 EST


I am trying to compile devfsd on my system running RedHat linux 7.0
(kernel 2.2.16-22). I get the error "RTLD_NEXT" undefined. I am not
sure where this symbol is defined. Is there anything that I am missing
on my system.

Also, I applied the devfs patch to the kernel, installed the new
kernel, modified lilo.conf, ran lilo and rebooted the system
with the option "devfs=nomount". The system is able to mount
the root file system in readonly mode. But after that when
it tries to do fsck to the root file system before mounting
it in "rw" mode, it fails. Looks like devfs seems to be
having a problem with my /etc/fstab. My /etc/fstab has device names
specified in the "LABEL=.." format. Does devfs understand LABEL=..
format ?

Any help is appreciated.

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