RE: 2.4.1 -- Unresolved symbols in radio-miropcm20.o

From: Robert Siemer (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 10:50:58 EST

> >Miles Lane <> wrote:
> >>depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
> >>/lib/modules/2.4.1/kernel/drivers/media/radio/radio-miropcm20.o
> >>depmod: aci_write_cmd
> >>depmod: aci_indexed_cmd
> >>depmod: aci_write_cmd_d

I made up an new patch for 2.4.1. You can find it on

It works when:
a) aci: module miropcm20: module
b) aci: build in miropcm20: module
c) aci: build in miropcm20: build in

Violation to this table is still unchecked...

Arjan, I want to include your #ifdef solution, but was unable to find
it in 2.2.18... - And further: why did it remove somebody in 2.3.x?

Also (at least) in the case of c) videodev_init() is called twice. -
It does not hurt, but maybe someone can give me a hint why this


PS: Miles email address ( is invalid, isn't it?
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