Re: VT82C686A corruption with 2.4.x

From: safemode (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 06:32:21 EST

Vojtech Pavlik wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 31, 2001 at 08:52:58PM -0500, safemode wrote:
> > My KA7 can go over 160Mhz FSB
> > Yes i know about memory speed limitions ..that's why you are able to choose
> > HW clock - PCI so at those high speeds it's actually say 120Mhz - 33
> > keeping you below or near 100 and not well over the spec of the ram. Anyway i
> > dont go that high 110 is safe an doesn't cause any heat increase and gives me
> > 100Mhz more. nbench shows my performance about equal to t-bird 1ghz. at least in
> > memory and integer. The KA7 lets you increase the FSB without increasing the
> > PCI bus speed, so i dont have to worry about changing ide bus timings, PCI is
> > still at 33 - 34 not enough to hurt any cards.
> Ugh. What chips your KA7 has? As far as I know the KX133 chip (vt8731)
> can't do asynchronous PCI, allowing for 2x, 3x and 4x FSB/PCI divisors
> only. So I don't a way to have your FSB at 114 and your PCI at 34 with
> this chip.

Actually it can and it's a simple bios option. I'd show you but it's in the manual and
it's hard to scan stuff without a scanner. You can have asynchronous FSB up to
28Mhz so i can have 128Mhz FSB with 33Mhz PCI after that i have to use the
synchronous increase which changes PCI as i change the FSB value but the other value
gets added onto that asynchronously. It's really a standard feature of this board.
I'm not making it up and the proof is me not changing idebus at all and still working
after a day at full load and semi-constant usage and MANY compiles. also the bios
screen doesn't lie.

> > OK ok.. just forget i ever mentioned it .. It has nothing to do with anything
> > i've been talking about problem wise because i _JUST_ did it now ... It is the
> > cause of nothing because they all happened before i did anything to the speed.
> > This is a 2.4.x kernel problem. It has nothing to do with overclocking because at
> > the time i didn't. When i used 2.2.x it did not have any problems and i did not
> > overclock. As of now i have no problems with ide resets or dma timeouts (which
> > is what i said before), regardless of if i'm overclocking it now or not. It's
> > working great (better than great) without changing anyhing in 2.2.19-pre7.
> > heh. so everyone can stop flipping out over overclocking because i made sure
> > hardware settings were default failsafe even before deciding it was definitely a
> > kernel problem and i never had the settings over spec before the problem surfaced.
> Ok. So do you still have a working 2.2 setup and a non-working 2.4
> setup? Would you be able to send me the usual (lspci -vvxxx, dmesg,
> hdparm -t /dev/hd*, hdparm -i /dev/hd*, cat /proc/ide/via) data for both
> so that I can compare them?
> If I find any differences, I'll know what the bug is.
> --
> Vojtech Pavlik
> SuSE Labs

I cant get anything from 2.4 because I kind of dont want to re-format and re-install
debian again and lose my email and logs and config scripts. It's seriously that bad.
fsck would say it fixed everything .. I would reboot and immediately it would come up
with certain files having IO errors and then inode errors. Strangely though, this
didn't occur the very first time i booted with the kernel... it took about 3 days
until it happened, but after that it would happen all the time and even after
reboots. I even disabled DMA support for both and it still happened . So i really
doubt it has to do with the via specific driver for DMA support in the kernel (ie.
there is no /proc/ide/via). i'll look into finding some way of running 2.4 so that
it cant destroy my filesystems.

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