Re: Modules and DevFS

From: William Knop (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 03:44:38 EST

>One thing that I've noticed with devfs is that all the old-style names are

Hmm... I have no symlinks until the module loads. Therefore X sees no
/dev/input/mouse, doesn't ask the kernel for it, the kernel doesn't load the
module, and DevFS doesn't add the /dev entry. There's got to be an easy way
around this. Perhaps it has already been implimented, but I haven't been
able to get anything to work well (manual loading for me).

>Everything is modularized here, including ppp and such, and modprobe is
>loading everything quite nicely for me. I don't like to run one big
>kernel, it wastes too much memory, and so I use pretty much *everything*
>that I can in modules (IDE I can't, because I boot from IDE, but I leave
>SCSI in a module, becuase I use ide-scsi to burn my CDs and it's not

Really? How can DevFS know which devices to add to /dev/scsi/... without
loading the module and scanning the bus first? Or do you manually insert the
scsi module when you need it?

Do you think if I add symlinks manually perhaps it will force DevFS to look
for a module to add the needed entry? Or maybe module aliases? I think I am
going to spend some time checking out the DevFS code and experimenting with
module entries.

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