VIA IDE problems related to heat?

From: John R Lenton (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 01:35:35 EST

I'm looking for confirmations on any kind of correlation between
the problems people have been having with the assorted VIA IDE
chipsets and possible overheating of said chipsets.

I'm asking because I suffered from the VIA-chipset-ate-my-data
bug, and I've been trying to reproduce it to no avail. The only
thing I haven't been able to recreate is the heat (ambient was
~35C (~95F) at the time), and noticing that now with ambient at
~25C (80F) the heatsink of the 694x quickly hits ~40 when doing
heavy I/O, whereas most articles I've read seem to think 25-30C
is about right, and that I was doing this heavy i/o thing when
the bug bit...

if any of you know what temperature this thing _should_ be, and
further if y'all could get onto those chipsets with thermometers
to see if we have a temp vs. crashes distribution, we might be
onto something.

Or maybe not.

John Lenton ( -- Random fortune:
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