Re: OT: mount/umount doesn't track used resources correctly?

From: Miles Lane (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 01:10:30 EST

Woohoo! Thanks Peter.

You are correct. I just built and installed util-linux-2.10s
from source. I ran through the cross-mounting scenario
and was able to unmount all the partitions on the USB
external drive and then unload all the USB drivers.

Perhaps util-linux-2.10s should be made the new default
listed in Documentation/Changes?


Peter Samuelson wrote:

> [Miles Lane]
>> I think the problem may be due to usermode tools not handling the new
>> "mount multiple devices to a single mount point" feature, but I'm not
>> sure.
> Yes, quite possibly. Rumor has it that util-linux has recently
> acquired some wisdom in this area. (I can't confirm or deny.) Try
> upgrading, or just trust /proc/mounts for the real story..

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