XFS file system Pre-Release

From: Yi Li (yili@sgi.com)
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 13:49:38 EST

SGI has made available the pre-release version 0.9 of its high-end XFS file
system ported to Linux®. Code and detailed information are at

Thanks to the extensive interest and contributions from the community, the
XFS file system for Linux has made significant progress since its Beta
release in September 2000. Although there are still some features to be
finalized, the pre-release code is currently stable in a majority of normal
environments. We welcome and encourage interested users to try out the code
aggressively in your test environments, so that we can work through the
final stage of the development and bug fixes to meet your production needs.

SGI XFS Pre-release 0.9 is available in the following three fashions:
· As a patch against linux-2.4.0.
· As a set of RPMs.
· As a complete system installer which works with Red Hat 7.0 media to run
XFS on the root partition.

We will be demonstrating XFS as the root file system for high availability
and clustering solutions in SGI systems at LinuxWorld New York from January
31 to February 2. Free XFS CDs will also be available at LinuxWorld.

For more information on the open source project of XFS for Linux, please see

Thanks very much - please email me at yili@sgi.com if you have any

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