emu10k1.o not working in monolithic 2.2.18

From: Michael Mertins (mime@gmx.li)
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 18:29:01 EST

i dunno ifit's very long known bug but i met some people in the debian-chat that had the same problem so i decided it's better to post it.
Bug description:
when compiling the SBLive emu101k-support into the kernel as Y (not m) the kernel boots and loads the module okay, but sound doesn't work afterwards; /dev/dsp - device isn't responding (reacts like it's not there at all). Even a makedev audio doesn't revitalize functionality. Only thing that works: compiling it as Module (m) into kernel.
Is it a bug? will it be fixed soon?
Happy New Year!
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