Re: [RFC] Generic deferred file writing

From: Alexander Viro (
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 11:51:50 EST

On Sun, 31 Dec 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> The other thing is that one of the common cases for writing is consecutive
> writing to the end of the file. Now, you figure it out: if get_block()
> really is a bottle-neck, why not cache the last tree lookup? You'd get a
> 99% hitrate for that common case.

Because it is not a bottleneck. The _real_ bottleneck is in ext2_new_block().
Try to profile it and you'll see.

We could diddle with ext2_get_block(). No arguments. But the real source of
PITA is balloc.c, not inode.c. Look at the group descriptor cache code and
weep. That, and bitmaps handling.

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