Re: test13-pre7...

From: Steven Cole (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 21:57:58 EST

It looks like 2.4.0-test13-pre7 is a clear winner when running dbench 48
on my somewhat slow test machine (450 Mhz P-III, 192MB, IDE).

2.2.18 3.53307 MB/sec (NB=4.41633 MB/sec 35.3307 MBit/sec)
2.2.19-pre3 3.81213 MB/sec (NB=4.76516 MB/sec 38.1213 MBit/sec)
2.4.0-test13-pre5 4.06823 MB/sec (NB=5.08529 MB/sec 40.6823 MBit/sec)
2.4.0-test13-pre6 4.11353 MB/sec (NB=5.14192 MB/sec 41.1353 MBit/sec)
2.4.0-test13pre4-ac2 4.47376 MB/sec (NB=5.5922 MB/sec 44.7376 MBit/sec)
2.4.0-test13-pre7 6.3723 MB/sec (NB=7.96538 MB/sec 63.723 MBit/sec)

The tests were done under identical conditions, after fresh boot-up,
running KDE 2.0, one xterm, and xosview.

Here are a few selected lines from dmesg to put things in perspective.

Detected 448.810 MHz processor.
Uniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver Revision: 6.31
ide: Assuming 33MHz system bus speed for PIO modes; override with idebus=xx
hda: ST317221A, ATA DISK drive
Using r5 hash to sort names
reiserfs: using 3.5.x disk format
ReiserFS version 3.6.23

This is really looking great.

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