Re: Bugs in knfsd -- Problem re-exporting an NFS share

From: Andrzej Krzysztofowicz (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 15:43:56 EST

> On Friday December 29, wrote:
> > Hi -- could you please CC me if you reply to this mail.
> >
> > A: /exports/A - Redhat 7.0
> > B1/B2: mount /exports/A on /export/A from A - Redhat 6.2
> > C: mount /exports/A on /mnt/A from B1 or B2 - Redhat 6.2
> >
> > I use knfsd/nfs-utils on each machine.
> >
> > bash# ls /mnt/A
> > /mnt/A/A.txt: No such file or directory
> This is not a supported configuration. You cannot export NFS mounted
> filesystems with NFS. The protocol does not cope, and it
> implementation doesn't even try.
> NFS is for export local filesystems only.

As I understand problem is somewhere else.
If this is intentionally unsupported configuration - OK. So why the error
appears ? The directory should be empty then.

If the configuration is unsupported at the moment and the A.txt file is
located on A, some code that attempts to read re-exported files/directories
should be turned off (eg. #if 0).

If the A.txt file is local for B1/B2 hosts, it is (IMHO) an obvious bug.
Sucgh a file should be hidden at the act of mounting. For both local and
remote access.

Neil, could you tell us where the A.txt file is *really* located ?


BTW. AFAIR, I observed similar behaviour (files are visible but
     inaccessible) while mounting a local filesystem at a busy directory
     (eg.: mount /dev/fd0 .;ls -l) even in 2.2...

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