Any Problems with these items and Linux?

From: George R. Kasica (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 13:16:08 EST


Currently running 2.2.18 with a Celeron 333 MHz and 1 256MB SDRAM
PC100 chip on the motherboard.

The MB will support up to a P-III 600 and 1GB of RAM using 256MB
Chips....I'm looking at going to the following in addition to the
existing RAM:

TWO - **256MB 32x64 PC100 Non-Parity Unbuf DIMM 3.3V SDRAM Standard
Simm/Flash Memory Card 168 Pin PC100 Unbuf 3.3V SDRAM

And a new CPU Intel Pentium III 600EB SECC2 rather than the Celeron.

Any problems with doing this or changes I need to make to the
kernal/system to optimize it??


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