Re: 2.2.19pre3 and poor reponse to RT-scheduled processes?

From: Rafal Boni (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 16:54:23 EST

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In message <>, Greg Maxwell wrote:

- -> You are running IDE aren't you?
- ->
- -> Enable DMA and/or unmask interupts.

D'oh! Thanks to Greg for the clue-by-four! I *am* running IDE and I had
both DMA (due to misreading of kernel boot message) and interrupt unmasking
(since I had forgotten that one) off....

I had assumed that DMA was on from the mention of it in kernel messages
(which on closer reading do indicate CMOS/BIOS configured default modes,
not what the kernel is using), and the lack of an explicit message on
the order of "I know it's there, but I'm not going to use it all the
same" 8-)

Now my box behaves much more reasonably... I'll just have to beat harder
on it and see what happens.

Thank for the help,
- --rafal

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