PowerPC branch out of date

From: tom_gall@vnet.ibm.com
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 10:11:57 EST

Hi Linus,

  I'm one of the folks that works on the PowerPC portion of the kernel. I've
noticed for some time that what's available at kernel.org and what's being
worked on by those of us who maintain our little portion of the PowerPC tree is
more and more out of sync.
  How it's got there etc etc etc at this stage isn't important. First how to fix
it and how to make sure it doesn't happen again does concern me.
  Currently the diff between test13-preX and the master fsmlabs.com ppc tree is
about 450k. Is the right thing to start with that patch get that into the
test13-preX series?

  I would REALLY appreciate it if this could be made to happen. I've got a whole
boatload of RS/6000 (aka pSeries) hardware that will be starting to work once
this patch is in. It's truely a shame to have to explain to people that
kernel.org *SHOULD* be the place to get a good kernel but given that things are
out of sync to have to point them somewhere else.


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