Problem with ATX halt

From: Ryan Sizemore (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 04:59:06 EST

   I am new this whole 'posting to the mailing list' thing, so please excuse
any obvious mistakes.
   I have a comp. running mandrake 7.2, and when i go to power it down, it
gives me a screen full of errors, including a stackdump. It happens as the
very last thing (including being after the file system is unmounted, so I
highly doubt that the error is recorded somewhere. But i will hand-copy the
stack for whomever thinks it may be useful. The error is reproduced every
time, without equivication. Any insight or questions are much apriciated.
The motherboard is a Soyo 5EMA+ r1.0 w/ ETEQ EQ82C6638 Chipset, and it has
an Award BIOS.
Thanks in Advance.

--Ryan Sizemore

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