Re: Repeatable Oops in 2.4t13p4ac2

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 20:52:07 EST

> I am fairly confident something in ac2 is fishy. I can repeatable get
> ac2 to fail with PCMCIA and also reiserfs under load, I absolutely
> cannot get these failures without ac2.

The PCMCIA thing is unlikely to be related (there are no changes on any PCMCIA
that actually worked on 13pre4). Reiserfs might be the trigger because the
quota code changed, but if it did touch it I'd expect it to have failed
to compile

> This is totally repeatable so if you want further diagnostics please
> let me know....

I'm going to go and do a detailed audit of the mm bits I have differing from
Linus. For one I'd be much happier to differ in drivers with Linus and avoid
differing in mm/vm internals stuff.


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